Cardano: Hoskinson lays out post-Shelley roadmap

  • Charles Hoskinson has unveiled the roadmap for Cardano (ADA) after the launch of Shelley.
  • According to the inventor of Cardano, the platform will be able to launch tokens and decentralized applications (dapps) by 2021.

In a new video update, Cardano creator and IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson has presented a detailed roadmap with the steps which will follow after the deployment of Shelley in the mainnet. Confirmed for 29 July this year, the launch of Shelley is one of the most important milestones in the history of Cardano.

The inventor of Cardano reported on the phases IOHK went through in preparing for July 29. Hoskinson said, “Shelley is here.” As a result, Cardano’s core development team and other team members who have been working extra hours will go on vacation, including Hoskinson. The IOHK CEO declared August to be the clean-up month, a month in which Shelley’s release will be “digested”. In addition, August will be used to fix any bugs that the team overlooked.

However, the Voltaire team will continue to work on the development of their product. Voltaire’s team will begin with the process of registering people to vote and testing the framework of the voting system that the Cardano governance model will use. Voltaire is the final piece of the platform that will be implemented to make the Cardano platform a fully decentralized and self-sustaining system.

Once the voting system is implemented, the first round of funding will be around $250,000 and will be available either in September or October, while new funds will open up every six to eight weeks.

Voltaire’s team will not take a vacation or a break because they have to launch their product and they are working hard to do that. You’ll see more information about that on July 30th when we do the product update of each month. (In the update) we’ll talk about what the first round of funding will look like, what the  DC Fund is all about. We will use this iterative process to evolve and turn on all of Voltaire’s features.

Another team that will remain active is the consensus team that will closely monitor the mainnet. Although the system has passed all tests, Hoskinson explained that in a live system, unforeseen events can occur. In that sense, the team will closely monitor that everything is happening in order.

Furthermore, Hoskinson revealed that there will be another Cardano summit, and he will use his time off to prepare for the announcement of the strategy for Goguen. The new Cardano summit will focus on refining the asset strategy, consolidating investments that will enter the platform and promoting its usage benefits. In that sense, Hoskinson said they are looking for an effective way to attract developers. Cardano’s creator also made the following prediction:

I predict that we will have hundreds of native tokens and thousands of DApps and many developers in our ecosystem by next year. I think we can make it, it will be a close call, many things have to be done, we have to push hard, but we are ready to fight (…) This is about alienating ourselves from the battle of the titans of 2021.

At the same time, Hoskinson revealed that after the completion of the work in August and the “digestion” of Shelley’s launch, the core team of Shelley will merge with the Plutus team. The teams will work on the extended UTXO model, multi-sig and other stuff. Finally, the inventor of Cardano highlighted the support the community has given to the development of the platform over the past few years. Hoskinson said that the community will be more involved in future improvements to the platform.

Below you can see the update from Cardano’s creator, Charles Hoskinson:

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