Cardano: Final release of the Byron reboot, hints on Shelley

  • The Byron reboot update for the Daedalus wallet V1.0.0 will take place in the course of next week, after the Daedalus Flight candidate 4 shows the desired performance.
  • IOHK has completed the libraries for the integration of the Byron reboot by exchanges. Binance will start the integration already next week.

After Daedalus Flight Candidate 4 for version 1.0.0 was released yesterday and was celebrated as a huge success by the Cardano community, Cardano inventor and IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson decided to record a new status update for the launch of the Byron reboot. According to Hoskinson, the synchronization times of the Daedalus wallet come close to the simulation times in the lab for the first time. Especially Windows users have reported much faster times of about one hour instead of over 8 hours.

Due to the breakthrough in synchronization times Hoskinson explained that the final Byron reboot update of the Daedalus wallet on the mainnet will be pushed forward to next week. The release will be available for all operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux and the Daedalus mainnet wallet will have all the features of Daedalus Flight 4. As a result, Hoskinson also encouraged all Daedalus wallet users to download the testnet version to familiarize themselves with the new user interface before updating the mainnet version.

Hoskinson also said that the IOHK team has completed the code/libraries for the integration of the Byron reboot by exchanges. The world’s most popular exchange, Binance has already declared its support for the Byron reboot upgrade and integration of the code. Binance will start the integration work as early as next week. Hoskinson also emphasized once again that the release of the Byron reboot is a great success story overall:

Byron reboot is looking great. It has been an overwhelming success getting 4 Daedalus Flight candidates out in 17 days. So for those who say we delay, we never ship, 4 releases in 17 days – how about that? And next week we can roll-out the last parts across all the mainnet and we are fully in the Byron reboot era, and very soon we are rolling out these Shelley testnets, just like we rolled out the Flight candidates and the Byron reboot.

Hoskinson also noted that some other long-awaited features will be introduced in the coming weeks, such as managing a Ledger hardware wallet using Daedalus:

We gonna start rolling out a lot of features that we always wanted to have, like for example managing a Ledger device with Daedalus. Always wanted to have that. I got a Ledger and I don’t want to use Yoroi for it, I would like to use Daedalus for it. So we gonna have that.

IOHK is also planning new features for paper wallets, changes to the Daedalus user interface, more security features and much more. Hoskinson continued to say that developers and exchanges can be excited, because the graphQL API for Cardano will be fully released by Monday. On the use of the graphQL library a new presentation will also be released next month.

With regard to the new Cardano explorer Hoskinson likewise announced great progress, which will be published with the Shelley release. Especially for dApp developers and stake pool operators there will be some “cool features” that will come out over the lifecycle of the explorer.

Hoskinson also informed that IOHK is currently working on a release plan for the Root9b audit. A formal response has already been written to the auditors, which now needs to be confirmed by them.Thus, a release of the audit for Shelley should take place within the next week, Hoskinson concluded.

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