Cardano (ADA) Gears for Price Growth But Pikamoon (PIKA) is Expected to Deliver Bigger Gains

Despite the general market crash, it appears certain projects are still rewarding their investors through positive price performances. Our focus here is on Cardano investors. As the crypto gets ready for an imminent price surge, there seems to be a stiff competitor set to outperform it.

Now, Cardano investors are comparing the profit potential that comes with investing in ADA as against investing in Pikamoon (PIKA). Analysts expect the latter to deliver more gains. Read on to understand these dynamics better.

Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction: More Growth Incoming

Cardano (ADA) is a top-rated name in the cryptocurrency space thanks to its special technological strategy and its mission to deliver a scalable and sustainable crypto project for smart contract execution.

More so, as the Cardano ecosystem matures and with the upcoming full introduction of its smart contract features, experts reckon ADA could steer a revolution in the world of decentralized applications.

This disruptive prospect, combined with an active community and competent leadership, favors Cardano’s candidacy for the top slot in the list of best cryptos to buy today with sustained growth. However, a lot goes into any crypto’s growth predictions. Hence, it’s crucial to consider factors aside from the technology. Factors such as profit potential and risk-to-reward ratio should be considered when making investment decisions.

Pikamoon (PIKA) is Set to Eclipse Cardano’s Growth With Higher Gains

Pikamoon (PIKA) is a GameFi project and token offering unique and superior utilities through its play-to-earn game, Pikamoon Adventure. Set in the adventure-filled Pikaverse, Pikamoon Adventure gamers earn crypto rewards (either NFTs or PIKA) when they defeat monsters and discover hidden gems.

Most investors, experts and whales believe Pikamoon and PIKA is that surefire combo that will skyrocket their portfolio with massive gains, and this is because of the following features:

  • Next-Level P2E Game Offers Gamers Fun and Funds 

Pikamoon Adventure is a metaverse game that goes beyond the norm to offer gamers exciting rewards and a fun-filled gaming experience. Gamers get the opportunity to earn real monetary rewards that can be exchanged easily for fiat on the project’s marketplace.

Additionally, while making money, gamers do not miss out on thrilling metaverse fun delivered in an immersive environment. For Pikamoon gamers, the funds come with the fun.

  • Quality Delivery Through Advanced Technologies

Pikamoon delivers top-notch quality by building with the latest technologies. This cuts across the metaverse game, NFTs, and other parts of the project.

First, the Pikaverse utilizes Unreal Engine 5, an advanced real-time 3D graphics creation tool. This gives Pikamoon Adventure an excellent display and delivers an immersive experience. Also, the marketplace uses Transak to enable the exchange of rewards for fiat and the purchase of in-game items easily.

  • Strategic Partnerships for All-round Growth

Pikamoon keeps growing in every area and can sustain this growth by working with the best partners that add value to it. Hence, the GameFi project and its hybrid play-to-earn and meme coin keep its positive price performance and deliver more profits to investors thanks to exciting features, constant growth, increased adoption, and more use.

With these features, it’s no surprise that Pikamoon (PIKA) also made it to the top list of crypto memecoins to buy this year.

Join the Pikamoon Presale for Higher Gains 

The Pikamoon presale is where investors are raking in the big bags and that will continue for the rest of the year, as predicted by expert analysts. After smashing presale records, Pikamoon seems on course for more profits indeed.

PIKA’s growth isn’t done yet as the project is set to deliver another 20x ROI before the end of this year. So, buying $PIKA early in its presale is a smart investment move.

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