Bitrue offers 10.2% interest rate for VeChain, Ripple (XRP) and Bitcoin

  • The cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue offers its users 10.2% interest rate for Bitcoin, VeChain, XRP and USDT for the next 30 days.
  • Therefore users of the platform have to deposit the mentioned cryptocurrencies on Bitrue and cannot withdraw or manage all coins for 30 days.

One of the largest exchanges in Asia, Bitrue, announced a few hours ago the fourth round of a lockup giveaway. Users of the platform can provide the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, VeChain, Ripple (XRP) and USDT to earn interest on them within the next 30 days. A fixed interest rate of 10% applies for BTC, VET and XRP and 13% for USDT.

All cryptocurrencies must be deposited by 13 March 2020 in order to benefit from the programme. During this period the balances cannot be withdrawn, as Bitrue freezes the cryptocurrencies, as the name implies. Each cryptocurrency has a fixed limit on the amount that can be deposited.

A maximum of 100 BTC, 5,000,000 XRP, 100,000,000 VET and 300,000 USDT can be deposited in total. Once these volumes have been filled, users can buy BTR to still benefit from the interest. All balances will then be locked for 30 days and the interest will be paid out on April 13th at 2 pm (GMT+8). It is also important that users log in via this page to participate in the program.

Bitrue is also running a competition in which anyone who has a Twitter account can participate. To do so, users must follow the official Twitter channel, register via a Google form and share the following tweet and tag three friends. The prize is 500 $BTR.

Bitrue is a regulated exchange that operates worldwide with offices in Taiwan and Singapore. The majority of client funds are held in cold wallets and are protected by an additional security system. At the end of June last year, a hacker managed to steal a total of $4.2 million from the exchange. Bitrue compensated the victims completely from its own financial resources.

Cryptocurrency market stabilizes

After Bitcoin suffered the worst flash crash of the year over the weekend, the market has now stabilized. At the time of writing, BTC (+ 0.61 %) is trending sideways and trades at a price of USD 7,947.40. Within the last 7 days the market capitalization has fallen from USD 263 billion to USD 226 billion.

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