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Bitcoin Revolution Test 2019: Our Experience with the Bitcoin Trading Bot

Bitcoin Revolution promises a huge profit in a very short time, fully automated. The only requirement is a deposit. Then the Bitcoin Revolution trading bot will do the rest – that sounds almost too good to be true?

We have done an extensive Bitcoin Revolution test and share our Bitcoin Revolution experience with you.

Bitcoin Revolution: Scam or serious Bitcoin trading bot?

There are a variety of different sites that are said to be the original of Bitcoin Revolution. Our following remarks refer exclusively to the page “”. We can’t say for sure if this page is really the original, because the website has no imprint. Other websites that pretend to be the original are the following:


A look at the data of the website “” shows that the contact data is obscured. This practice is often used when the website operator does not want to appear in public. At this point, however, it must be said that this is not an isolated case in the online sector, so that this should not lead to an early pronouncement of judgement.

The design of the Bitcoin Revolution website

Bitcoin Revolution’s home page features a video that shows a compilation of leading personalities from the tech industry and their consistently positive opinion of Bitcoin. The video is probably intended to give visitors to the site a positive image of Bitcoin.

Furthermore there is a countdown to show that the registration should be switched off within the next 6 minutes (this time was displayed at the Bitcoin Revolution review time) and you have to hurry. When we reload the page, the countdown starts all over again.

It also displays photos of Bitcoin Revolution users who have made a good profit in each case. Unfortunately you cannot check these Bitcoin Revolution experience values, because there is no detailed experience report or a contact possibility.

A first analysis of the design of the website of the Bitcoin Revolution project therefore conveys a rather negative picture from our point of view. Thus, the website works with an “artificial shortage” by using the countdown (technical term from the analysis of the landing page of websites) to motivate the user to create an account and make a deposit to the Bitcoin Revolution account.

In addition, the authenticity of the field reports cannot be verified. However, this alone is not unusual. Similar marketing activities are also carried out by other websites.

Create a Bitcoin Revolution account and deposit money

To set up an account, you must first enter your first and last name and a mail address. In the next step you will need to set a password for your account. This must meet the security standards of the website and be 6 to 12 characters long, contain a number and an upper and lower case letter.

Then you have to enter a phone number and click on “Next”. Then the account setup takes a little time (about 30 seconds). After that you get to the backend of the website. Now you can choose between two different options:

  1. You directly use the real money account and have all functions explained to you in a small tutorial or
  2. you first test a demo account and take a closer look at the work of the Bitcoin Revolution trading bots.

If you now click on demo Version, a message will appear in the top right corner saying that you will get a credit of 25 USD (that was the amount in our test). Then you get a small virtual tour through the backend of the platform.

Virtual Tour through Bitcoin Revolution

You can have each step explained to you again by clicking on the “Previous” button. You can also end the tour prematurely by clicking on the “End tour” button. After looking around the website for a few minutes, a phone number called us from London.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the demo account, there are several ways you can make a deposit to the real money account. Please note that the minimum deposit in our test was 250 USD. For the deposit we received an email from a employee. This included a link that took us to the website where we were supposed to make the deposit.

Deposit for Bitcoin Revolution

Alternatively, we learned during the phone call that Bitcoin can also be deposited from a wallet or a stock exchange. You will then receive an email with a Bitcoin address where you can deposit your desired amount, but at least 250 USD.

We also asked the employee if he could guarantee us a profit by using the Bitcoin Revolution trading bots. He clearly replied no. The use of the platform is at your own risk, so that a total loss cannot be excluded!

Review: Bitcoin Revolution experiences

According to the described possibilities, the next step was to either transfer the desired amount via the received link on the platform (Fiat money!) or to send Bitcoin of at least 250 USD to the received address.

After we have transferred the amount, we should inform the employee, either by telephone or by e-mail. It seemed strange to us, however, that no verification of our personality has yet taken place. This should only follow in the next step. That’s why we decided not to deposit any money or Bitcoin on the platform.

The next day we wanted to log back in on the platform, but it didn’t work. There was also no function we could use to reset the password. That’s why we had to register again so that we could log in to the “Traderoom”.

The operation of Bitcoin Revolution

The backend is relatively clearly structured and there are so-called “trading signals” which indicate in which direction a price of a crypto currency could develop and how high the respective probability is.

Bitcoin Revolution Trading Signals

We tried to replicate the trading signals on another platform and follow the instructions. In a trade with Ethereum as well as XRP we even made a profit. Nevertheless, it remains a secret how the software works in detail.

If you click on the “Buy” or “Sell” icon, you will be taken to the next window, where you can set how much of each cryptocurrency you want to buy or sell. However, we did not try this in detail, as we decided not to deposit Bitcoin or money on the platform for the time being.

The Bitcoin Revolution trading bot can be switched on via a simple button. You must have money in your account first, then you can simply let the BTC trading bot work for you. Directly below the button there is a small picture of rising prices and the note “Don’t waste Your Time”.

Auto Trade Button Bitcoin Revolution

The platform also provides an overview of the current transaction history and the trades you have executed. There is also a demo Bitcoin Revolution trading account that you can access by clicking the “Go to Demo” button in the left sidebar.

We took a closer look at the demo account and wanted to know what trading signals we could get. The account indicates that we have received 1,500 virtual USD and can simply click the “Auto-Trade” button to activate the trading bot.

After about 5 minutes, the trading bot successfully executed 5 trades, all for trial purposes only, of course, and made 25 USD profit. Nevertheless, the total amount was lower than the amount we started with, namely 1,400 USD.

Bitcoin Revolution Trading Balance

After we activated auto trading, the BTC trading bot started trading immediately, completely automatically, without us having to do anything. We were able to track all transactions as they are displayed in the transaction history. In addition, green fade-ins regularly appear in the upper right corner to show that other traders, in our case “Sophia”, have just made a profit.

After a short duration of almost 10 minutes, the trading bot had already made a profit of 375 USD, so that the new total amounted to 1,725 USD. We can’t say if this would have been the same for real trading, because we didn’t deposit any money on the platform.

Bitcoin Revolution Profit

So we did a Bitcoin Revolution DEMO account experience without using real money.

Other reviews and opinions to the Bitcoin Revolution

After introducing the platform, we will also take a look at other external Bitcoin Revolution reviews. We’ve been looking for real Bitcoin Revolution testimonials. However, the search turned out to be difficult, as many of the reviews we found came from websites without an imprint, so we could not verify the authenticity. However, we found what we were looking for on

Overall, the experience reports there are more negative. Many users clearly and unequivocally advise against its use. Some users reported that they had deposited money on the platform but were unable to withdraw it. The disbursement remained marked as “outstanding” without any change of status :

The scam will be visible when you try to make a withdrawal. The payout is marked as “pending” and remains so; you will never see a money refund.

Other Bitcoin Revolution experience values look similar (freely translated):

They will manipulate you to make the investment through various Bitcoin transactions. This is so banks cannot use their power to freeze or return your money once you have realized you have been scammed. There is no physical address of this company on their website and they will refuse all meetings in real life.

To date, there has not been an entirely single positive report, but instead a clear dissuasion:

This is a scam and they will hound you with multiple calls per day requesting more and more money. I first found out about the company when reading a fake article (at the time thought was real) stating Gordon Ramsey promoted it as easy to use. I immediately signed up. On the website, they state the account will be closed to the public in 6 mins which prompted a quick sign up from me. However, every day they claim they will be closing the account to the public, just to get people to sign up. Once you sign up it states you pay £195 to start trading yet this is just the price for opening an account, there is a further minimum payment of £300 just to start trading. Please do not get taken in by this too good to be true website.

There are some Bitcoin Revolution testimonials on YouTube, but it’s hard to tell the truth about them. Below is a small selection:

Some YouTube officially warn against this, e.g. CryptoXposed:

Bottom line: Bitcoin Revolution

As already described, we have tried the platform only with the demo account. As shown above, the trading bot was able to make a profit. However, we cannot judge whether this can also be achieved in the live account afterwards.

Overall, the platform is user-friendly, but there are many points that have disturbed us. We do not understand why we should make a deposit to the Bitcoin Revolution account as a first step and then verify our identity. On all other trading platforms, such as Binance, Litebit, eToro, Plus500, Bitpanda or Coinmerce, the identity and/or address must first be verified before we can start buying or trading cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, we find it rather dubious when working with an artificial shortage on a financial product and a sensitive topic such as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We also find the message that the registration will be closed within a few minutes rather out of place.

On the whole, we would rather advise against a use based on the observations and research described above. We have compiled this information to the best of our knowledge and belief. However, you should obtain further information in order to form your own opinion on this subject.

Last updated: 09.10.2019

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