Bitcoin Price Prediction: Can BTC See a New Peak by 2024? InQubeta’s Presale Aims High at $5M

As the year nears its end and excitement builds for Bitcoin’s halving in 2024, there is speculation about whether Bitcoin can reach a new peak by 2024. This has stirred up excitement within the landscape, with the crypto community having high optimism about Bitcoin’s upside trajectory. At the same time, InQubeta’s presale adds an extra layer of intrigue to the narrative, with $5 million in fundraising within its grasp. This new DeFi project has been the talk of the crypto community, carving its own path as a trailblazing player at the intersection between AI and blockchain.

In this article, we will delve into these top DeFi coins, including the presale success of InQubeta and its value proposition, as well as Bitcoin’s potential price outlook by 2024.

InQubeta (QUBE): A new DeFi Project Aims for $5 Million in Fundraising Goal

In the world of DeFi, InQubeta aims to carve a niche by introducing novel applications for crypto, thereby adding to the growing list of the best DeFi projects within the space. As the crypto ecosystem evolves, projects like InQubeta seek to harness the potential of blockchain technology and blend it with AI. As a result, there is overwhelming presale demand for its token, QUBE, with a substantial fundraising goal of reaching a $5 million milestone. As it stands, over $2.2 million has been raised, with each passing day taking it closer to its goal.

InQubeta’s aspiration to raise $5 million speaks to the project’s vision and highlights its cutting-edge concept and value proposition. The project will be the first crowdfunding platform for AI startups via cryptocurrency, transforming the AI fundraising landscape in the process. As the project stands at the center of this evolution, its impending relevance doesn’t come into doubt.

Further, by becoming the first blockchain-based crowdfunding platform for AI-inspired startups, InQubeta will allow seamless fundraising events and democratize access to investing in the market. To raise funds, startups simply need to mint investment opportunities as NFTs, which will be fractionalized and offered to potential investors.

The above highlights the disruptive nature of this project and how it is poised for imminent adoption. Hence, analysts believe its token, QUBE, will rise to become one of the best DeFi coins, with an increase of 3,000% forecasted in 2023. The presale is currently in its third stage at a token price of $0.0112, and you can easily participate by following the link below.

Bitcoin (BTC) 2024 Price Outlook: A New Peak Incoming?

Bitcoin is the pioneering cryptocurrency, introducing a decentralized approach to finance. Thus, it is not only the first but also the best DeFi (decentralized finance) token. 2024 promises to be a good year for Bitcoin, which will build on the milestones already achieved this year, including growing acceptance and the launch of the first Bitcoin spot ETF. Furthermore, its halving event is expected to occur in April 2024, which is a bullish indicator.

As a result, speculation regarding whether the pioneering cryptocurrency will reach a new peak by 2024 is justified. Additionally, Bitcoin is already on an upward trajectory this year, which will likely increase next year. The increasing adoption by institutions, macroeconomic trends, and even its halving will play vital roles in its trajectory. However, it remains to be seen if Bitcoin will be able to break its current all-time high of $68,000 by 2024. Nevertheless, next year promises to be bullish for the best DeFi crypto.


The milestones reached by Bitcoin this year, in addition to its upcoming halving event, have created a narrative about its future price outlook in 2024. While it promises to be bullish, it is uncertain whether we will see a new Bitcoin (BTC) peak by 2024. Meanwhile, another cause of excitement within the crypto landscape is InQubeta and its fundraising goal. This aspiration highlights confidence in its novel concept and value proposition.

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