Lightnite: Get paid with Bitcoin for playing computer games

  • The new multiplayer game Lightnite features a game-mode where players can earn Bitcoin for completing missions.
  • The game uses the Bitcoin Lightning Network, which is used for smooth scaling and processing of all transactions.

The adaptation of Bitcoin and its constant further development are decisive for its distribution and use in our everyday life. A new report of the Bank for International Settlements criticized the insufficient scalability of the Bitcoin network. To solve this problem, however, there is already a solution, the Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN). Since its launch, the network has grown to over 10,000 nodes.

Satoshi Games launches new computer game with LN integration

The Lightning Network is used in a new computer game. In this, players can earn Bitcoin for playing. Lightnite is an online multiplayer battle royal game in which each specific interaction between players entails a financial reward or penalty.

There is a so-called Bitcoin mode within the game. All players who use this mode can either earn or lose Bitcoin by shooting at other players or by successfully completing a mission. In addition, there are other innovative features:

  • Weapons, tools, armours and other items can be traded in the shop via the Lightning Network.
  • Real-time balance updates: As soon as a game earns or loses Bitcoin, it can immediately deposit the corresponding amount into its in-game wallet.

Lightnite is freely accessible to all players. The game integrates Bitcoin technology and is an innovative way to experiment with Bitcoin microtransactions in the game. The company describes that it wants to contribute to the adaptation of Bitcoin through this progress.

How does Lightnite’s technology work?

All games from Satoshi.Games use the already mentioned Bitcoin Lightning network to integrate and process Mikro transactions in Lightnight. This uses the BlueWallet that is implemented in the game. If players participate in Bitcoin mode, they will need to deposit a small amount into the wallet before playing to have sufficient funds available to meet the requirements.

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Each player has an account balance in Bitcoin that changes during the game depending on how successful a player is. In addition, BTC can be transferred to the wallet at any time to purchase new items in the game. Of course, the credit can also be sent to another external wallet.

Lightning Network contains more than 10,000 nodes

The Lightning protocol is a way to scale the Bitcoin blockchain. So-called payment channels are opened within the network in which transactions can be sent. The blockchain is not loaded because all transactions are collected off-chain and then processed.

According to data from, the network has a total of 10,226 participating nodes with a capacity of 820 Bitcoins (BTC) at the time of writing. The capacity of the network has thus grown by +2.72% within the last 30 days.

However, the Lightning network is not limited to Bitcoin, but Litecoin and Stellar Lumens are already using this new technology to enable transaction processing within seconds.

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