Binance Labs Invests in Delphinus Lab: Advancing Web3 Security and Privacy with zkWASM Technology

  • Binance Labs invests in Delphinus Lab, creator of zkWASM, enhancing security and trustless computation. 
  • Delphinus Lab’s zkWASM Hub advances WASM applications.

Binance Labs, the investment and incubation branch of Binance, has made a strategic move by investing in Delphinus Lab. The firm is renowned for creating the initial open-source zkWASM virtual machine, enabling trustless computation and application SDKs. This marks a notable development in decentralized tech, empowering developers to construct zero-knowledge (ZK) apps in their favored programming language and launch them on WASM-compatible platforms.

Incorporating zero-knowledge-proof technology into the WASM framework marks a significant stride in enhancing the security and confidentiality of applications. This advancement paves the way for increased decentralization and more dependable digital networks. Delphinus Lab has emerged as a frontrunner in zkWASM advancement. 

Introducing the first accessible open-source implementation of a zero-knowledge virtual machine compatible with WASM. Through their platform, developers now have the opportunity to construct secure and effective decentralized applications

Binance Labs’ Remarkable Growth and Valuation

Binance Labs, an investment firm and accelerator connected to Binance, has witnessed substantial expansion and presently holds a valuation exceeding $9 billion. The platform has funded 200 projects from 25 nations spanning six continents, yielding an impressive ROI of over ten times. Among these, 50 projects have successfully concluded Binance Labs’ incubation programs and have evolved into thriving enterprises.

Yi He, Binance’s co-founder and head of its labs, underlined the company’s commitment to aiding initiatives that form the groundwork for Web3 app growth. He highlighted the pivotal role of Delphinus Lab’s zkWASM implementation in connecting the realms of Web2 and Web3. The advent of this technology is expected to usher in a fresh cohort of developers into the Web3 arena, potentially fostering widespread adoption among both developers and end users. He expressed his endorsement of Delphinus Lab’s leadership in the zkWASM narrative.

WebAssembly (WASM), a powerful virtual machine allowing the execution of code directly within web browsers, emerged in 2017 through collaboration among Apple, Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft. Rapid developer adoption resulted from WASM’s compatibility with various programming languages. Delphinus Lab’s zkWASM virtual machine is a crucial intermediary for trustless actions. It empowers the creation of feature-rich applications capable of cross-blockchain communication through WASM smart contracts.

Automated Proving and Batching for WASM Applications

Delphinus Lab’s zkWASM Hub, an application rollup platform rooted in zkWASM, will experience continued advancement with the backing of Binance Labs. This platform facilitates automated proving and batching services for application workloads with programmable WASM extensions. Developers can seamlessly distribute their applications from GitHub to the zkWASM Hub using its automated compilation and updating services.

Sinka Gao, the founder, and CEO of Delphinus Lab, elucidated the operational mechanics of the zkWASM Hub. This platform streamlines the management and deployment of WASM-supported applications within a dynamic rollup context facilitated by an adept and efficient multi-chain execution layer. 

Gao underscored the platform’s ambition to facilitate the evolution of Web3 DApps for the future, blending the reliability of Web2 with the trust-minimized nature of Web3. The collaboration with Binance Labs, a prominent figure in the industry, is expected to catalyze broader acceptance of applications built on WASM.


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