Big update at IOTA: Chrysalis, Bee and Hornet and GoShimmer

  • IOTA has made great progress in the development of Chrysalis, Hornet, IRI, Bee and GoShimmer.
  • The basic architecture for the new wallet for chrysalis is currently being developed and will be presented soon.

IOTA has informed the community in a new status update about the current progress of various projects within the ecosystem. IOTA 1.5 is now within reach, so the community and the developer community are eagerly awaiting the release, which is scheduled for the end of July.

Strong progress on Chrysalis, Bee and GoShimmer

Chrysalis, also known as IOTA 1.5, is the intermediate stage of the mainnet before the actual release of the coordinator. Both the Bee and Hornet teams are currently working hard to implement Chrysalis Phase 1. The final release is planned for the end of July.

The Bee Team is about to complete the alpha version of the implementation of the Rust Node with Chrysalis Phase 1. The team has also announced regular live stream coding sessions and invites the community to participate and help shape the adaptation and development of IOTA.

Recently IOTA has released the last planned version of IRI 1.8.6. The IOTA Foundation recommends switching to Hornet in the coming weeks, latest when Chrysalis 1.5. is released in the second half of July. If you want to migrate the old IRI DB to Hornet, you can use this official tool provided by IOTA.

The Hornet team has released version 0.4.0 of the node software on Github. The installation video can be viewed here. Currently, bug fixes are also being implemented in the current version as well as changes to the Weighted Uniform Random Tip selection (Protocol RFC #8) and White flag (Protocol RFC #5) Chrysalis Phase 1.

The GoShimmer team is currently finalizing the next version of the prototype software (Coordicide alphanet). The new version will mainly contain a ledger status and further implementations of the Fast probabilistic consensus (FPC). This update will enable the software to solve problems in processing value transactions. The new version of the GoShimmer Alphanet is scheduled for release at the end of this month.

The development team is also working hard on the architecture of the new IOTA wallet, which will be created especially for Chrysalis. The new wallet is a rust-based application, which will get a slim and user-friendly frontend. The wallet will initially run on Capacitor on mobile and the Electron Desktop Wallet, and then migrate the wallet step by step to Tauri.

No new updates are currently planned for the Trinity and Spark wallet, as both wallets will be obsolete when the new wallet is released. Currently, feedback from the community is being processed to adapt IOTA streams:

Based on the feedback we have received for the alpha version of Streams, we are currently expanding the feature set to allow for functionality like multi-publisher support and more. We are also adjusting the underlying cryptographic implementations to improve performance on existing hardware.

IOTA receives further funding from EU

Yesterday, IOTA was awarded a new EU contract for research on an e-commerce project and secured funding of €450,000. IOTA’s task is to develop a set of interfaces to IOTA streams, as well as a set of off-tangle components that enable the verification and search of data on the tangle.

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