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Big News for IOTA: Information about the secret project JINN will be announced on Monday

  • Next Monday, February 03, information about IOTA’s secret project JINN will be published.
  • JINN is a revolutionary microprocessor based on trinary calculation methods and could be the breakthrough for IOTA as a base layer for machine economics.

There is a mysterious and secret project of IOTA, which only very few insiders know. Although IOTA is a software protocol, there is a hardware component that could mark the big breakthrough for IOTA. We are talking about JINN, a revolutionary microprocessor based on trinary calculation methods. Trinitarian means that the processor, not only knows the states 0 and 1 like any other, but also additionally -1.

JINN is supposed to form the basis for any device to be able to confirm the two transactions (as the Tangle requires) without having to switch on a computer. This would enable any mobile phone, car or other machine to send transactions via the Tangle. JINN will thus provide the technical basis for Qubic.

As stated in a recent Discord release by David Sonstebo, all questions regarding JINN will be answered next Monday, February 3rd. With this, the big secret surrounding JINN could be solved.

Why is the JINN project so secret?

The origins of JINN go back to 2014, when it was first announced in the NXT forum. Remarkably, NXT was invented by Sergey Ivancheglo, a co-founder of IOTA, who is also the key figure in the history of JINN for IOTA. Ivancheglo, who is also known by the pseudonym Come-from-Beyond (CfB) in forums, chats and Twitter, wrote at the time that he needed a solution based on trinary computation to realize Qubic.

However, the topic was kept secret from the beginning. Nevertheless, there are some hints about the project, which were collected by HelloIOTA, among others. It is known that the prototyping of the hardware started in January 2015. However, there were some setbacks in the development because, among other things, engineers had to be dismissed. David Sonstebo, a later co-founder of IOTA said (still in the NXT forum) in January 2015 about the confidentiality:

Also I want to, yet again, touch on why we don’t give indepth updates often: Having out in the open discussions about all of these things is unheard of in the start-up industry, and that is for plenty of reasons: it affects hiring process, venture capitalist evaluations, legalities, competitive edge and so on. So in an effort to avoid shooting ourselves in our foot, we will take the appropriate measures to prevent this.

When IOTA was born in October 2015, Sonstebo stated that IOTA “is needed to make JINN’s vision a reality”. In May 2016, Sonstebo justified the long development time and said:

For anyone still wondering why it’s “taking so long”: it’s really not. We’re trying to redo computing itself here, it’s not an easy task. Even big companies spend years developing their new iterations, Jinn is no iteration, it’s a brand new paradigm, so patience is important.

Since then, revelations about JINN have been rare. In August 2017, Dominik Schiener, another co-founder of IOTA, made a statement about the hardware department of IOTA that points to JINN.

Rumors and speculations about IOTA’s hardware division and JINN

Due to the little information known about JINN, there are of course some rumors and speculation. As a matter of fact, JINN is possibly a big step for IOTA to become the base layer for the Internet of Things (IoT). In order to do this, IOTA would need to have a strong partner to produce the processors.

An unconfirmed rumor says that this partner could be Bosch. The large German corporation has already invested in the IOTA foundation in December 2017 with its venture capital arm, Robert Bosch Venture Capital (RBVC). As was also made public, Bosch bought an unknown amount of IOTA tokens to participate in the IOTA Foundation.

However, this is only a rumor. A clarification could follow next Monday.

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