Best Platforms To Deal with Cryptocurrencies

The first thing that you need to do to begin your Cryptocurrency trading career is to select a Cryptocurrency trading platform. This step in your career is essential as your trading platform plays a huge role throughout your journey, so it’s important to choose one that suits your needs and crypto goals.

With the huge number of Cryptocurrency platforms in the market it can be challenging to choose. Fortunately, there is a list of things to look for in exchange to kickstart your career on the right path, such as features, security, trading charges and the number of available cryptocurrencies.

It would be a great move to start your career on the advantage by choosing the best Cryptocurrency trading platforms that align with your goals. To give you an idea, check out these Cryptocurrency trading platforms that you must consider.


1. Binance US

It should not be a surprise that Binance US tops the list as it gained a 4.9-star rating due to its conditions and benefits. Binance US is a simple, form-based platform that is created for transactions under $10,000 and offers its users 50 different Cryptocurrencies that are available for buying, selling and trading. This platform boasts minimal spot and general trading expenses, high security, and positive customer feedback.

Newbie users won’t struggle with this platform due to its user-friendly interface that allows users to navigate and explore. On the other hand, advanced users also have the chance to explore trading order types such as market, stop-limit and limit. Overall, users have the freeform to use the two powerful trading dashboards of the platform that provides essential data such as 24-hour highs lows, trading volume, and spot price.

2. Bitcoin Evolution

For users who cannot wait for slow trading programs or applications to load, the is the perfect platform that you should consider. Bitcoin Evolution displays quick trade completion technology that is perceived to be seconds faster compared to other platforms. In addition, this platform efficiently keeps track of all patterns that exist most of the time and makes sure that they stay on track when handling different tasks.

This trading platform employs a unique system to assist its users in maximizing their profits from the market – the system studies the market in real-time through an artificial intelligence-based algorithm and searches for the best profit opportunities based on several factors, including historical data and fluctuations. In addition, the system incorporates Artificial Intelligence to study the movements of the market and identify some factors that possibly affect the transactions.

3. Gemini

For newbie investors who want to give Crypto a try, Gemini is a great option. This trading platform offers easy-to-use features due to its simple user interface that comes at a higher cost and often perplexing pricing structure that is perfect for newbies who are still exploring how Cryptocurrency trading works before shifting to lower-cost spot trading choices.

Gemini offers an ActiveTrader function feature that provides expert-level experience for experienced traders. Additionally, it also has features that include auctions, block trading, charting and other types. The trades are executed in just microseconds via ActiveTrader and breakthrough speed barriers without sacrificing security or reliability.

In addition, Gemini’s marker fee for its active traders is at 0.25%, while the taker cost is at 0.35%. Plus, its application and web trades have a transaction fee based on the traders’ purchase amount and only charge a 0.5% convenience fee.



Throughout the years, Cryptocurrency has proven to be profitable if handled properly with the right knowledge and skills. Since the development of the first Cryptocurrency called Bitcoin, other cryptos are also slowly making a name in the market. Due to this, millions of firms and individuals started engaging in Cryptocurrency transactions, and some even made it to the Cryptocurrency millionaires list. These people did not go through the easy way as Crypto trading is not easy money, but with practice and improving their knowledge and skills, they made an impact on the world of Cryptocurrency.

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