$AXS Turns Around And Spikes 10%, Is This A Sign To Buy More InQubeta ($QUBE), A Top-Tier NFT Project?

Leading Web 3.0 gaming platform Axie Infinity (AXS) has surprised cryptocurrency analysts with its recent market performance. The platform clocked a growth of around 10% and became one of the top-earning tokens in the market. Crypto experts who have been closely monitoring the market feel that Axie Infinity’s performance is an example of how crypto users are now opening up to innovative and more diverse tokens. Many analysts have cited the example of traders also turning to InQubeta (QUBE), which is a newly-launched platform for AI startups looking for funding.

InQubeta has garnered global attention because of its cutting-edge model that empowers startups and can drive an AI revolution with decentralized finance. Another reason why analysts can’t stop talking about the platform is its presale success. Currently, in its fourth presale stage, the cryptocurrency ICO has collected over $3.1 million in presale funding.

InQubeta: Helping AI startups write their success story

InQubeta is a unique and innovative platform that caters to the needs of both investors as well as startups. While budding startups get the required funding to put their plans into motion, investors get the chance to explore projects ahead of their market launch. Not only do they gain the early bird advantage but they also stay ahead of the competition.

The platform has rolled out a native cryptocurrency called the QUBE token which is used for all kinds of payments and transactions. The ERC-20 token can be bought on presale but users should remember that it has a 12-week lock-in period.

The QUBE token can also be staked in exchange for lucrative crypto rewards. The longer a token is staked, the higher will be the rewards.

The popularity of InQubeta’s latest ICO is an indication of how impressed crypto users are with its unique model and versatile features. The QUBE token’s deflationary model prevents its users from losing their gains to market volatility. In times of high inflation, a deflationary token minimizes price fluctuations by keeping the supply scarce and less than market demand. The limited supply keeps the asset value stable.

Another key application of the QUBE token is in the governance of the decentralized platform. InQubeta encourages its community members to participate in its operations by expressing their concerns and making suggestions to improve the protocol. These suggestions are put before the community as a proposal and the members discuss the pros and cons. QUBE token holders get special voting rights which they can use for voting on the proposal.

What makes InQubeta a top crypto to invest in is its transparent model which startups can navigate with ease. They have to come up with an offer for investors. The offer could represent a share in the company or a corresponding reward. These offers are then tokenized into NFTs and made available on InQubeta’s NFT marketplace where investors can evaluate them and buy them. These NFTs can be fractionalised, so investors can either purchase an entire asset or a part of it.

Given its well-structured framework and functionality, it’s no wonder that analysts are calling the QUBE token one of the best altcoins for 2023.

Axie Infinity dominates 80% of Asian NFT market: Report

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn platform where crypto users can earn tokens by participating in an exciting Web 3.0 game. As part of the game, players have to raise and breed virtual creatures called Axies. These digital creatures can assume different forms and players can choose from over 500 body parts to create customized versions of Axies. Each of these Axies is backed by an NFT with varying strengths. The stronger and rarer an Axie is, the more leverage a player has in the game. The platform’s native token is AXS and it’s used for all transactions and governance.

The platform recently hit the headlines after reports claimed that Axie Infinity commands over 80% of the Asian NFT market.

$AXS has recently registered a growth of 10% and could potentially rally further as whales start accumulating in huge quantities. The rise signifies that traders are broadening their investments, which also signal moves to other promising cryptos like QUBE.


InQubeta has created quite a stir in the crypto market, and its presale has been very popular among buyers. A lot of analysts are also rooting for it because of its growth potential. Market experts feel that InQubeta has the potential to fetch long-term returns and can outperform several old and new altcoins in terms of growth potential. Its model enables crypto users to become AI startup investors and create a steady source of time for securing their future. With cryptos like AXS seeing rises, now is the time to get involved with promising new platforms like InQubeta.

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