Aptly named trader tops covesting copy trading leaderboard with 2700% profit

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Traders are a confident and even a sometimes cocky bunch. After years of experience trading markets, the complete lack of nerves or fear of risk can appear to come off as reckless, when in fact, it is a learned skill.

But when one particular trader signed up to the Covesting copy trading module on PrimeXBT with a name like “NO 1” over 50 days ago, no one would have guessed that they would have actually risen all the ranks all the way to the number one spot. But that’s precisely what they did. Now they’re the trader on Covesting that has everyone talking, with a staggering 2700% total profit in just 59 days since they created their strategy on the copy trading platform.

Here’s a look at this trader’s rise to the top of Covesting’s fully transparent global leaderboard and became the platform’s most profitable trader.

The tale of one trader turned strategy manager’s road to number one

Anyone who has logged into Covesting on PrimeXBT over the last several weeks might be confused for a moment regarding the top user. Not only do they have the top spot on the leaderboards, but their selected name when they first signed up was No 1.

Clearly, they had their sights set on becoming the top strategy manager on the copy trading platform, and in no time, they began to climb the Covesting ladder.

Profitability started off slowly, but starting in September took off and never came back down for a breather. Throughout September into October, No 1’s profits hovered around 1500%. When markets took a turn recently, No 1 was on the right side of the trade yet again and saw his total gains finally blast past the 2000% range to over 2500% and still climbing.

The entire journey from 0% profits and just a $500 initial deposit to 2700% ROI and 155 BTC worth of follower equity is nothing short of amazing, and the stuff legends are made of.

Follower equity ballooned as a result. The large peak ahead of the final rise could have been a Covesting follower whale cashing out and unfollowing, and are since kicking themselves for missing the final, over 1000% push higher to a new profit peak.

Strategy manager earns Legendary status after growing $500 to $2 million in capital

No 1’s most profitable month was September, but still only their second month since registering for Covesting on PrimeXBT. That month, they had wracked up a whopping 736% month over month profit.

No 1 also proves that there’s no reward without risk. According to Covesting’s fully transparent success and risk metrics, that followers can use to select which strategy to follow, No 1 can be seen reaching max drawdown of 80%, which may be tough for some followers to stomach.

They also regularly utilize a large percentage of their margin allocation, which puts the strategy and its positions at risk of a margin call or liquidation. Followers who fear this type of strategy should look instead for a five-star trader, who is more careful in their trading execution.

Become number one, or follow them with covesting copy trading on PrimeXBT

Still, regardless of the risk, it is the reward that No 1 is clearly the best there is at growing. From meager beginnings of just $500, to becoming a strategy manager trading with over $2 million USD equivalent worth of follower BTC, the story is one for the history books.

This trader, regardless if they’re best at Bitcoin or Ethereum trading, or if they rely on the MACD or Bollinger Bands more predominantly, in the end, what counts is profit, and no one has a more massive total profit on Covesting the No 1.

At 2700% and climbing, those that follow the strategy have been able to also grow their capital considerably, thanks to the power of the Covesting copy trading module on PrimeXBT.

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