Anycoin Direct review 2020: Guide, test and our experiences

Brief information

WebsiteEnglish, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian
Support languagesEnglish
Deposit byBank transfer (SEPA), credit card, iDEAL, Giropay, EPS, SOFORT
Important info✅ Buy 27 different cryptocurrencies
✅ Very simple and intuitive user interface, ideal for beginners
✅ Exchange service for cryptocurrencies, e.g. XRP for Bitcoin
✅ Multilingual website, established broker and excellent support

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Introduction of Anycoin Direct

Anycoin Direct is a cryptocurrency broker, which is managed by Phoenix Payments BV and was founded in 2013. In recent years, Anycoin Direct has established itself as one of the leading brokers for the cryptocurrency market in Europe and now has 400,000 customers, so the team behind the broker has grown to over 30 team members.

The special thing of the broker is that Anycoin Direct does not require a wallet. This means that users have to send their newly purchased cryptocurrencies directly to their own wallet. However, this is by far not a disadvantage, but fulfils the crypto mantra “be your own bank”, which has proven itself in the crypto-community, meaning that every user should have his own wallet. In this way you also avoid the danger of your cryptocurrencies being stolen by a hack of an exchange or broker. This has happened several times in the past and has hit even the most reputable exchanges.

Another advantage of the broker is that it even offers exchange service for cryptocurrencies. For example, you can exchange Ripple (XRP) for Bitcoin (BTC) for a small fee at Anycoin Direct. This is a very practical service, especially for beginners, as it means you don’t have to create a separate account with an exchange, which can often be very overwhelming for beginners.

A very frequently asked question is whether the broker or exchange is secure and trustworthy. The answer for Anycoin Direct is undoubtedly “yes”. Anycoin is one of the oldest still active crypto brokers in Europe. Due to its European headquarters, Anycoin Direct is subject to the strict legal requirements of the European Union.

In addition, we, the CNF team, have had very good experience with the broker in the past, which is why we can recommend Anycoin Direct. Anycoin Direct’s very intuitive user interface makes it a great crypto platform for anyone in Europe who wants to buy their first Bitcoins.

anycoin direct Krypto kaufen

Which cryptocurrencies can I buy on Anycoin Direct?

At Anycoin Direct, you have a total of 27 different cryptocurrencies at your disposal, which can be bought with a deposit in Euros and exchanged for each other. In the following, you can find the current list (status 05/2020), whereby Anycoin Direct adds new Altcoins from time to time.

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Fees and deposit methods

The only fees you have to pay when buying cryptocurrencies on Anycoin Direct are the blockchain fees and the fees for the payment service provider. The blockchain fee is different for each cryptocurrency and also depends on the network load. The payment service provider’s fee means, for example, the processing fees from your bank or the fees which companies, like Giropay or SOFORT are charging. Both types of fees are not charged by Anycoin Direct itself.

Anycoin itself does not charge any fees, but applies a spread, surcharge or profit margin on the price of the cryptocurrency to generate revenue.

Anycoin Direct currently supports the following payment options:

  • Bank Transfer (SEPA)
  • Credit card
  • iDEAL
  • Giropay
  • EPS

How do I set up an Anycoin Direct account?

To buy and sell cryptocurrencies at Anycoin Direct, you have to first register. To do so, click on the “Login” button in the top right corner. This will open a new window in which you must enter your personal e-mail address and accept the general terms and conditions of the broker.

After clicking on “Register”, Anycoin Direct will send you an e-mail to the address you entered, which contains a four-digit verification code. You must now enter this code on the website.

anycoin registration

Afterwards you only have to enter your first and last name and address. Now you can either cancel the registration, in which case the low limits mentioned in the next section will be available to you. You can also take the second step in the verification process and verify your phone number. To do this, enter your phone number and you will receive another verification code, this time via SMS. Afterwards, you have to enter the code on the website.

anycoin register to buy crypto

All further verification steps are optional to achieve higher limits, as we will explain in the following section.

Verification levels and limits

Unlike other exchanges and brokers, Anycoin Direct has a greater number of verification levels, which also vary depending on the method of deposit. For example, level 1 only requires verification of your email address. However, this also means that users only have a daily limit of EUR 250 and an annual limit of EUR 2,500 when depositing by bank transfer, credit card or Giropay.

Level 5, on the other hand, allows you to buy cryptocurrencies worth 10,000 EUR per day and 50,000 EUR per year (if you pay by bank transfer, credit card or Giropay). For this level, users have to verify their telephone number, upload an ID document, prove their residence by means of an official document and verify their ID document via live chat.

It should also be noted that a lower limit applies to the first purchase on the platform. The table below shows the corresponding limits depending on the verification level for the deposit by bank Transfer, credit card and Giropay, which generally allow the highest limits.

SEPA / Credit card/ GiropayE-mailPhone numberIDAddressLive ID check
First Purchase100 €100 €100 €100 €10.000 €
4 days after the first purchase250 €750 €1.000 €5.000 €20.000 €
Yearly2.500 €2.500 €2.500 €20.000 €50.000 €

In the table below you can see the limits for the popular deposit method “SOFORT” transfer.

SEPA / Credit card/ GiropayE-mailPhone numberIDAddressLive ID check
First purchase100 €100 €100 €100 €5.000 €
4 days after the first purchase250 €250 €500 €500 €10.000 €
Yearly2.500 €2.500 €2.500 €20.000 €50.000 €

In general, it can be said that the verification steps are solved very simply and easily by Anycoin Direct, so that they should be completed within a few minutes. It is also important to emphasize that the verification of documents by Anycoin takes place in a very short time, usually in just 2 hours.

In which countries can Anycoin Direct be used?

Anycoin Direct is currently only available in Europe, and all crypto balances on the exchange are paired with the Euro (EUR). Anycoin Direct customers have to meet the following requirements:

  • European citizenship or a valid residence permit
  • European bank account
  • Over 18 years old

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Buy and trade cryptocurrencies on Anycoin Direct

Buy cryptocurrencies on Anycoin Direct

The purchase process itself is actually not as easy on any known crypto website as on Anycoin Direct. The broker has created a process that guides the user through each step very easily. However, before you start buying from Anycoin Direct, you should first create a crypto wallet, since the broker does not offer a storage service. We have created numerous instructions and guides to the best wallets for various cryptocurrencies. If you don’t have a wallet, just drop in there.

As seen in the screenshot below, you have be logged into the Anycoin account to start the buying process. Then click on the “Buy” menu item (step 1). On the page that now opens, you will find the area where you can select the cryptocurrency that you want to buy. For example, if you want to buy Bitcoin via SEPA bank transfer or credit card, select “From” as the currency “Euro” (step 2). At “To” you select Bitcoin and enter the amount you want to buy (step 3). Alternatively, you can also do this for the euro amount. Last but not least, click on “Buy Bitcoin”.

anycoin buy bitcoin

The next step is to enter the Bitcoin address (which you created earlier). Make sure you copy all the alphanumeric characters.

anycoin bitcoin wallet

Then you choose your payment method for Bitcoin. If you choose Euros, you can choose between the above methods, whereby both VISA and Mastercard are accepted for credit card payments.

anycoin buy bitcoin btc

Before you submit your order, you will see a window that summarizes how much Bitcoin you will receive, the equivalent in EUR and the associated fees. After you have checked that everything is in order, you can now press “Buy Bitcoin”.

In the last step, you will be redirected to the page of the payment service provider you selected. Here you have to deposit the EUR equivalent of the Bitcoin you wish to buy. Once Anycoin has received the payment, you will automatically get your BTC to your Bitcoin address.

Exchange cryptocurrencies on Anycoin Direct

Besides the purchase of cryptocurrencies, Anycoin Direct also offers the service of exchanging cryptocurrencies. As the screenshot below shows, simply select Buy in the navigation, then select your desired trading pair, for example XRP and Bitcoin.

anycoin exchange bitcoin ripple

>> Buy cryptocurrencies on Anycoin Direct now <<

Anycoin Direct in test

Reliability and security

As already mentioned at the beginning, the trading platform was launched in 2013 and has since attracted over 400,000 satisfied customers in Europe. Our experience also confirms this. Therefore, from our point of view, there is no doubt that Anycoin Direct is a serious broker (and is not a fraud).

With regard to the security of Anycoin Direct, it should be noted that there is virtually no risk of a hack affecting the users. As the broker does not offer wallets for its users, no loss of own funds is possible. In order to further protect one’s own account, Anycoin Direct also provides a 2-factor authentication (via text message or Google Authenticator app). This allows users to protect their account very well. In addition, the official website is protected with an SSL certificate on Phoenix Payments BV. The security of the broker can therefore be classified as very good.

Fees and payment options

First of all, Anycoin Direct itself does not charge any fees. You only have to pay attention to the transaction fees of the respective blockchain as well as to possible fees by the payment service provider. To earn money, Anycoin charges a spread, which can vary from crypto to crypto.

The Support

Anycoin Direct has an excellent customer support team, which is available to each user every day of the week to answer all your questions. The team can be reached by email or phone and is available on weekdays from 09:00 to 22:00 (GMT+1) and on weekends between 10:00 and 18:00.

The broker also has an excellent support centre that allows users to answer most of their questions themselves without having to open a support ticket. For example, the FAQ also presents the best wallets sorted by all available cryptocurrencies.

Bottom line

Anycoin Direct may not be the biggest broker and may not have the biggest reputation in the crypto scene. However, it is a very interesting option for Europeans to buy cryptocurrencies directly by paying with Euro (EUR). The buying process is as simple as hardly any other platform we know. Therefore, Anycoin Direct is best suited for newcomers. Furthermore, the broker has a strong security and an excellent customer support.

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