Analyst Lark Davis names five altcoins set to make 100x gains

  • As Ethereum hit a new record high, the altcoin market is starting a bull run that could produce  a number of 100x gains, according to trader Lark Davis.
  • Davis named the five tokens he expects to soar, including SeaScape Network, Paralink Network and Bridge Mutual.

The cryptocurrency bull run is just getting started, and according to one trader and analyst, altcoins are set to be the biggest gainers. Lark Davis shared the five altcoins he believes could reap 100x gains during this bull run.

“The savvy investor would do well to pay attention to these hot new trending coins, since they could very well be the next big thing of tomorrow,” he told his subscribers on YouTube.

The first is SeaScape Network, a gaming ecosystem platform for DeFi and the NFT economy. SeaScape is launching a platform that will allow gamers to play blockchain-based games. Davis believes that the gaming industry is a natural fit for blockchain “because these guys experiment with new tech all the time.”

The team behind SeaScape also developed the Blocklords massively-multiplayer online game, giving them great  experience with blockchain gaming. The project has also been incubated by DAO Maker, a venture capital firm that has invested in some of today’s most successful token launches.

Second on Davis’ watch list is Bridge Mutual, a decentralized insurance platform. The token is addressing a market segment that has few players, giving it even more appeal. Nexus Mutual, the current market leader, is over 20 times bigger, giving Bridge Mutual a lot of growth potential.

The Bridge Mutual token (BMI) is currently trading at $4.27. As Davis revealed, it has already shot up by 3,458% from its public sale price which was just $0.12.

In my opinion, it’s just getting started. I think we’ll see this going much higher

DEX, DeFi and Oracle projects

Davis is also backing Sifchain Finance, an omni-chain decentralized exchange (DEX). The platform is targeting sparking cross-chain transactions for 20-25 of the top blockchain networks. It’s built on Cosmos, making it up to 100x more efficient than its Ethereum-based competitors which have also priced many traders out of the market due to the very high trading fees. On Uniswap, the fees are averaging between $20 and $40.

The Sifchain tokens (ROWAN) were to go on sale on February 3. However, the project has delayed its token sale, as it revealed on its website.

Paralink Network is the fourth coin on the trader’s radar. The multi-chain oracle platform sets itself apart through its unique Paralink Query Language which allows for users to seek verifiable data on databases and APIs.

The use cases here – money markets, insurance, derivatives, prediction markets, governance, gaming. The tokens can also be staked to earn rewards. […] It’s built on Polkadot and everything on Polkadot has been going crazy high.

Last on the YouTuber’s list is DAOVentures, a cryptocurrency robo-adviser and automated money manager. It’s seeking to bring DeFi to the masses with a user-friendly interface where you can do yield farming, lend, borrow and more.

I’m actually really bullish on any of these new platforms that we see coming out that are looking to make DeFi easier for the regular user. There’s a few coming out, but this one’s got a lot of potential.

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