6 Best Crypto to Buy in the Crash

  • Despite the market crash hitting many cryptocurrencies hard, there are some tokens that retain high potential as investments.
  • We profile six different cryptos to consider investing in during the current bear market, including some presale tokens that have already raised millions.

The crypto market has followed Bitcoin’s crash since November 2021, with the general market sentiment showing we are in a crypto winter and lower prices are a possibility. 

Despite the red charts, optimism lurks and some investors believe that a recovery is likely to follow in 2023.

Most crypto prices could be at the bottom, making now the ideal time for investors to fill up their bags. Low asset prices alone don’t mean that a project is worth investing in — use cases and future developments determine a cryptocurrency’s value.

Our review team discovered 6 cryptos worth buying in a crash because their utility reveals they have tremendous upside potential.

Quick Look at the Best Crypto to Buy in the Crash

  • Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – Overall Best Crypto to Buy in the Crash
  • RobotEra (TARO) – Play to Earn Multiverse Game with Multi-Reward System
  • IMPT – Eco-Friendly Crypto in Hugely Successful Presale
  • Calvaria (RIA) – Battle-Card Game Offering Scalability and Low Transaction Fees
  • Tamadoge (TAMA) – NFT Game Offering Deflationary Token
  • Ripple (XRP) – Efficient Cross-Border Payments Coin

Reviews of Best Crypto to Buy in the Crash & on the Dip

Each crypto our review team selected provides unique benefits and features that investors seek in a project they deem valuable.

1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – Overall Best Crypto to Buy in the Crash

Dash 2 Trade is offering its native token, D2T, at possibly the lowest prices that it will ever trade.

Crypto presales are among the best crypto assets to buy during a crash and investors who swoop in now can load up on the tokens for $0.0513 while they’re still in stage 3 – D2T increases will increase in its fourth and final presale stage before it is expected to rocket once it reaches exchanges.

The presale took off from launch, raising $500,000 in just 24 hours as investors rushed to buy the token, with the momentum continuing for the next month as early-round fundraising exceeded $7.5 million.

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Besides being an appreciating asset, D2T is also required to access the Dash 2 Trade platform. The project has developed a crypto signals and on-chain protocol, helping traders become more profitable. 

Investors who lack the time or skill to analyze charts and follow the markets will receive buy and sell opportunities to highlight when to open positions. 

Dash 2 Trade enables investors to monitor the movements of institutional investors, while the on-chain analytics are statistics enabling investors to monitor whale wallets – its scanners also check popular networks to detect unusual coin activity and then send alerts.

The social indicator helps investors determine market sentiment to buy coins that could experience significant price action. The platform provides metrics that consist of coin discussions on social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit and activities surrounding particular coins.

Dash 2 Trade, which is from the same doxxed team that developed Learn2Trade, also provides advanced technical indicators for investors to incorporate into their technical analysis.

Another useful tool is the strategy builder and backtester – these enable investors to build various strategies and determine the most profitable ones without risking their money.

Investors can also access a bespoke presale scoring system, which scores projects out of 100 to help investors find the best projects, and new coin alerts to maximize their profit-making opportunities.

In the wake of the FTX collapse, the Dash 2 Trade team opted to cut the presale short with investors crying out for reliable tools and data to help them invest in the best tokens with confidence and avoid scam projects.

The presale now has just one stage to go with only around 100 million tokens available to buy before the token reaches exchanges. 

D2T tokens already have confirmed listings on LBank and BitMart, such is the interest around the project, making now the best time to buy tokens at their lowest price.

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2. RobotEra (TARO) –  Play to Earn Multiverse Game with Multi-Reward System

Another of the best cryptos to buy ahead of the next bull run is RobotEra, a new metaverse gaming platform. 

RobotEra is competing with play to earn games such as The Sandbox and Decentraland but a key difference between these games is that RobotEra enables players to earn tokens in multiple ways while connecting to other worlds — thanks to the platform’s multiverse ecosystem.

The presale has only just launched with tokens on sale for $0.02 in stage 1 and has already attracted nearly $300,000 of investment.

Players use the native token, TARO, to buy land on Taro planet and reconstruct it after a cataclysmic event ruined it – they use robot NFT avatars to embellish their land by adding activities and assets to it.

The game provides tools that allow players to build robot companions with unique capabilities, which can be added to the land to help rebuild it or sold on the marketplace as NFTs. 

RobotEra rewards players for mining minerals, cultivating sacred trees and collecting raw materials on the metaverse plots of land. 

When players connect to other worlds, they can participate in concerts and quests for rewards, host events and submit original NFT works to be displayed in museums.

The metaverse can also be monetized by charging admission to events, selling structures or selling billboard spacers to advertisers.

Considering that RobotEra has allocated only 3% of the capped supply to liquidity pools, and only 15% will be sold before reraching exchanges, investors should buy TARO now, while it’s on presale.

TARO will also increase in price in the presale by 60% from $0.02 to $0.032.

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3. IMPT – Eco-Friendly Crypto in Hugely Successful Presale

Most investors seek profitable projects while some also care about investing in environmentally-conscious ecosystems. 

IMPT provides returns and a platform that makes our planet greener and has raced through its presale to see investment of almost $13.5 million.

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IMPT’s ecosystem connects individuals and businesses concerned about making a positive impact on the environment – it has partnered with numerous big brands – such as Samsung and Microsoft – that donate a portion of their revenue to causes fighting climate change.

When investors shop at one of the pre-approved brands, IMPT rewards them with tokens and the ecosystem also enables investors and businesses to monitor their carbon footprint.

IMPT tokens can also be converted into carbon credit NFTs to offset their carbon footprint.

IMPT’s social feature tracks every user’s carbon footprint and rewards points to users that make a positive contribution to the environment – higher points are rewarded to users who burn (retire) their carbon credits.

Investors who don’t burn their carbon credits – permits that are equivalent to one ton of CO2 emission – can mint them into NFTs, which can be held as assets and later sold on secondary markets. 

This platform launched its presale on October 3, 2022, and is seeing huge interest from investors. The presale is currently in stage 2, offering IMPT tokens at $0.023, with the third and final stage to rise another 22% to $0.028.

Investors waiting for IMPT to be listed on exchanges may be disappointed to find much higher prices. That’s one of the reasons it’s best to buy IMPT tokens now.

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4. Calvaria (RIA)Battle Card Game Offering Scalability and Low Transaction Fees

Calvaria is another of the best crypto games our review team found that enables players to earn tokens in several ways – its native token RIA is currently in the final stage of its presale and has raised more $2 million.

P2E tokens have proven to be extremely popular with investors because they provide in-game returns even when the market is bearish.

After the presale ends, RIA tokens will be listed on exchanges Kucoin and Gate.io, but the additional exposure of the listings could increase demand, resulting in the price pumping.That’s one of the reasons investors should buy $RIA tokens now.

This battle-card game enables players to win tournaments by strategically playing their cards to defeat opponents. Players strengthen their card decks by receiving power-ups, resources and buying higher-level cards by combining cards of the same strength.

RIA tokens can also be staked to earn a passive income and enable holders to act as governors — determine the game’s future by voting. 

To play the game and earn more tokens, players must own RIA, which will is selling for $0.0325 with less than 30 million tokens still available during the presale.

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5. Tamadoge (TAMA) – NFT Game Offering Deflationary Token

TAMA proved to be one of best crypto winter tokens to buy following its hugely successful presale earlier this year. Not only did this utility meme token sell out its presale in just under two months, but TAMA rallied when it was listed on exchanges.

After its presale ended, TAMA was listed on OKX at the end of September 2022 – days later, the coin pumped and provided returns of 1,800% to investors who bought TAMA during its presale.

Players use TAMA tokens to buy digital pets from the in-game store and raise them by feeding, walking and exercising them and once pets become adults, players can put them into battles against other pets.

Tamadoge ranks players on the leaderboard according to how they raise their pets and match victories, then rewards them accordingly. TAMA is a deflationary token, as the game’s developers burn 5% of all in-store transactions.

That makes the coin more scarce over time, potentially making it more valuable. 

Tamadoge also plans to introduce Arcade P2E Games and an augmented reality app in 2023, which will make the interaction with pets more realistic.

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6. Ripple (XRP) – Efficient Cross-Border Payments Coin

A key problem with the money transfer system is that it’s too slow and too expensive. Ripple developed XRP to serve as an efficient and affordable payment method. 

Using the Ripple network, investors can transfer XRP and exchange it for goods and services globally.

Whereas Bitcoin is regarded as gold 2.0 and a store of value, XRP is like a credit card that can be used for daily purchases. 

The reason it works as such is that Ripple’s network transfers XRP within seconds, and it costs mere pennies.

XRP has provided investors with 1,000%+ returns during two bull runs – the only thing preventing it from surging again is its lawsuit with the SEC. 

If XRP proves that it’s not a security, it’s likely to go on an epic run.


After comparing all the crypto to buy during crashes, our review team hailed D2T as the best choice. 

Not only does it enable investors to be part of a successful presale, but Dash 2 Trade offers access to various tools, insights and metrics that enable investors to be more profitable.

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The D2T token has only one presale stage remaining before it is listed on exchanges, where the price is expected to pump.

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