3 Coins That Will Revolutionize The Metaverse in 2023: Theta Network (THETA), Decentraland (MANA) and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

As savvy investors identify the growth potential of the metaverse, they inevitably look for projects that could see big price increases as metaverse adoption grows. Theta Network and Decentraland are well-known projects, but Orbeon Protocol — just entering the second stage of its presale with a 125% price increase is emerging as a new favorite among expert investor groups.


Orbeon Protocol

Orbeon Protocol is a multi-chain ecosystem that revolutionizes fundraising by empowering everyday people to invest in funding rounds for exciting businesses, the kind of opportunities usually reserved for VC companies.

Orbeon Protocol has been able to achieve this disruption by leveraging blockchain technology. Functioning as a decentralized investment platform, startups can raise capital by issuing equity-backed, fractionalized NFTs for their investors to buy for as little as $1. This low entry rate unlocks a significant amount of private equity capital for startups, while allowing everyday investors to access the VC industry – a feat which has drawn praise from investors across the community.

An exciting element for cryptocurrency investors is that the Orbeon ecosystem relies on a utility token to function — ORBN. The ORBN token has an unusually high level of utility; it is required for business and investor users who want to use Orbeon Exchange. With 40% of the 888 million tokens available in the presale, investors will benefit from the governance rights the token provides, alongside trading discounts and cashback. ORBN holders can also gain access to exclusive investor groups.


Theta Network

Theta Network could well prove itself to be part of the critical infrastructure of the metaverse, with one important use case of Theta Network being the rendering of virtual reality (VR) worlds in real time.

The multitude of use cases that Theta Network can provide will almost certainly make the project and the THETA token a key element of many metaverses. By sitting primarily at the infrastructure layer, though, Theta Network will need to rely on the success of other projects to see that adoption occur. However, Theta Network has managed to build a passionate community who are likely to continue supporting the project over the long term. Theta Network is seeing strong attention as a decentralized streaming  protocol for the metaverse nonetheless.

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Decentraland will almost certainly see its MANA token appreciate in price as the adoption of the Decentraland metaverse grows; Decentraland (MANA) is used for both buying land (in the form of LAND tokens) and also transactions in the space.

The Decentraland team has recently refuted some claims that just 675 users were active each day, saying that by their more accurate measures, the count was closer to 8,000. Despite this, it’s obvious to even the biggest Decentraland supporters that there’s a long way to go to ramp up adoption to the level of even current MMORPG games. The controversy surrounding Decentraland’s user levels has led to some negative investor sentiment, but many hope to see Decentraland recover and live up to its potential.


It couldn’t be clearer that among the coins that shrewd investors are looking at for exposure to the metaverse, Orbeon Protocol is seen as the strongest compared to Theta Network and Decentraland. Analysts have issued a prediction that the price of ORBN is likely to rise 6,000% just during the presale, so it’s no surprise that this is the hottest investment for the metaverse and beyond.

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Telegram: https://t.me/OrbeonProtocol

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