10 Best Cryptos to Invest In During Crypto Winter Bear Market 2023

The crypto winter continues to bite hard, with sentiment towards cryptos remaining bearish across the board. However, this sentiment also brings opportunity – with many projects looking set for a price explosion in 2023.

This article discusses ten of the best coins to invest in during the crypto winter, exploring why these coins are so highly sought after and how their value could be shaped in the coming year.

The 10 Best Crypto Winter Tokens to Buy for 2023

Below are ten of the most exciting projects that could provide positive returns during the ongoing cryptocurrency bear market:

  1. FightOut (FGHT)The Best Crypto Winter Token to Buy for 2023
  2. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)Crypto Intelligence Platform with Upcoming CEX Listings
  3. C+Charge (CCHG)New Eco-Friendly Crypto with Groundbreaking Use Case
  4. RobotEra (TARO) – Best Crypto to Buy During the Bear Market in the Metaverse Niche
  5. Calvaria (RIA) – Innovative Crypto Trading Card Game with P2E Mechanics
  6. IMPT (IMPT) – Carbon Credit Ecosystem with Lofty Ambitions
  7. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – New Crypto Casino with Exciting Promotions
  8. Tamadoge (TAMA) – Successful Meme Coin Project with Rebound Potential
  9. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Popular Metaverse Project with New Staking Protocol
  10. Chiliz (CHZ) – Fan Token Project with Huge Potential

An In-Depth Look at the Best Crypto Winter Tokens to Invest In 2023

Let’s take a closer look at the best crypto winter tokens to invest in 2023, covering why they have so much potential for the year ahead:

1. FightOut (FGHT) – The Best Crypto Winter Token to Buy for 2023

Those wondering what crypto to buy during the bear market may wish to consider FightOut – as this project stood out from the crowd during our research and analysis. FightOut is a brand-new Move-to-Earn (M2E) project backed by LBank Labs that seeks to shake up the fitness sector.

Although FightOut is still in development, the project held a successful private sale in early December, which raised $1m in funding from angel investors. This funding has provided the capital needed to begin building the ‘FightOut App’.


As per FightOut’s whitepaper, users who sign up for the app will receive personalized workout plans based on their background, available time, and access to equipment. These plans are produced by elite trainers and coaches – with supplementary videos showing users how to perform each exercise safely.

Users will also have a ‘soulbound’ NFT avatar with various stats, such as strength and mental fortitude. These stats increase in real-time as users build their fitness in real life. Users can also modify this NFT avatar by purchasing cosmetics or winning them through challenges.

However, FightOut’s main feature is its M2E mechanics, which sees users rewarded with REPS tokens when they complete workouts. REPS is FightOut’s in-app currency and can be used to purchase items from the FightOut Store. Users can also deploy REPS to receive a discount on their monthly app membership.

FightOut allows users to buy additional REPS using FGHT – FightOut’s native ERC-20 token. Interestingly, those who purchase REPS with FGHT tokens will receive a 25% bonus. FGHT will also be the native currency of the planned ‘FightOut Metaverse’, which will see users compete against one another to win lucrative prizes.

FightOut’s roadmap presents exciting plans, including the goal of opening 20 FightOut gyms worldwide. These gyms will be decked out with cutting-edge technology to track users’ workouts and help them earn REPS. Moreover, gyms will have a health bar, content studio, and even a co-working space. 

These plans are still in the works, although FightOut’s team has just launched a presale that allows investors to buy FGHT tokens at a discounted price. Tokens are priced at just $0.01665 – with investors able to obtain a bonus of up to 50% based on their investment amount and vesting period.

This bonus promotion only lasts until $5m has been raised – and with over $2.7m raised in the presale’s first week, this figure looks likely to be hit soon. Those looking to keep tabs on FightOut’s progress can join the official Telegram channel.

Visit FightOut Presale 

2. Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – Crypto Intelligence Platform with Upcoming CEX Listings

Another of the top coins to buy during the bear market is Dash 2 Trade. Dash 2 Trade is a groundbreaking crypto intelligence platform that looks to streamline the research and analysis process for all traders. The platform was created by the team behind Learn 2 Trade – a trading education ecosystem boasting 70,000 members.


The Dash 2 Trade platform contains tools and services that help investors identify coins with high price potential – and avoid rug pulls. Within the platform, users can benefit from the following:

  • Regular trading signals
  • Crypto presale scoreboard
  • Social sentiment tracker
  • Advanced pricing data and technical indicators
  • On-chain analytics
  • Strategy builder
  • Backtesting capabilities

 According to Dash 2 Trade’s whitepaper, the development team also plans to offer an auto-trading API that can be directly plugged into a trader’s chosen broker or exchange. This API would allow traders to develop trading strategies and deploy them automatically – removing the need to be at the charts all day.

There will also be a custom-built risk profiler, real-time listing alerts, trading competitions, and social trading features. By combining these features into one platform, Dash 2 Trade offers a comprehensive analytics solution that isn’t offered anywhere else in the market.


At the centre of the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem is D2T, the project’s native ERC-20 token. D2T is used to pay the monthly subscription fee required to access Dash 2 Trade’s ‘Starter’ and ‘Premium’ tiers, which contain the most valuable features – including access to an exclusive Discord trading server.

Dash 2 Trade is amidst a successful presale phase, with over $10.3m raised in less than two months. The presale allows investors to buy D2T tokens at a price of just $0.0533 during the current stage – which also happens to be the last stage of the presale.

Less than 12% of the presale token allocation remains since Dash 2 Trade’s team has now secured some exciting CEX listings – including with LBank, Changelly Pro, BitMart, and Uniswap. 

 Given the tremendous hype around Dash 2 Trade, many believe D2T is set to become the best crypto to buy during the bear market. Those looking to keep track of Dash 2 Trade’s progress can join the official Telegram channel. 

Visit Dash 2 Trade Presale 

3. C+Charge (CCHG) – New Eco-Friendly Crypto with Groundbreaking Use Case

Eco-conscious investors seeking the best crypto to buy during this dip may wish to consider C+Charge. C+Charge is a new project that looks to revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) sector by increasing price transparency, boosting charger accessibility, and rewarding EV owners with carbon credits.

 The last aspect is C+Charge’s flagship feature, as those who use the ‘C+Charge App’ to pay for EV charging will receive carbon credits on a pro-rata basis. Payments through the app are made using CCHG – C+Charge’s native utility token.


By taking this approach, C+Charge removes all the hidden fees associated with the charging process. A portion of the standard transaction fees accrued will be used to purchase carbon credits from reputable entities through the ‘reflections’ process and then distributed to CCHG holders proportionately.

 According to C+Charge’s whitepaper, the app will also have an EV charger finder, up-to-date wait times, and charger condition trackers. This app is expected to become increasingly popular in the coming months as C+Charge continues partnering with leading EV manufacturers and operators to grow its charging network.

 C+Charge has already partnered with organizations like Perfect Solutions Turkey, seeing 20% of the country’s EV chargers added to the C+Charge network. C+Charge has also partnered with world-class manufacturers like Phihong to supply charging equipment – highlighting the industry backing behind this project.


C+Charge’s roadmap presents plans for branded merchandise, influencer campaigns, real-world events, and even an official NFT collection. These plans have led many to speculate that CCHG is the best crypto to invest in during the bear market. 

C+Charge’s presale phase has just kicked off, allowing early investors to buy CCHG tokens at a low price. Tokens are priced at just $0.013 during Stage 1 – although only 160 million tokens are allocated at this price point.

 With over 7,000 people now part of C+Charge’s Telegram group, the hype is beginning to grow around this project – meaning 2023 could be a stellar year for CCHG investors.

Visit C+Charge Presale 

4. RobotEra (TARO) – Best Crypto to Buy During the Bear Market in the Metaverse Niche

RobotEra is a pioneering metaverse project that aims to become one of the most popular NFT games by combining NFTs, engaging gameplay mechanics, and rewards opportunities into one virtual world. Within the RobotEra ecosystem, players can explore the planet ‘Taro’ by purchasing NFT avatars called ‘Robots’.

Taro has an engaging backstory involving robots and humans, with players able to purchase virtual land on this planet and help rebuild it. These land plots will contain minerals and resources that players must mine for, which they can then use to build structures in the ‘RobotEra Editor’.


Players can also create ‘Robot Companions’ to help them navigate the world and collect in-game items. All in-game objects are structured as NFTs – meaning users can monetize them through the RobotEra Marketplace.

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Transactions are made using TARO – RobotEra’s native token. Per the whitepaper, users can earn more TARO through staking, in-game advertising, unique events, mining, and more.


The RobotEra world is still in development, although investors can buy TARO tokens through the ongoing presale phase. Tokens are priced at just $0.020 during Stage 1, with over $580,000 in funding raised already.

With more than 32,000 people now part of RobotEra’s Telegram channel, it’s clear that the hype is building around this project – meaning it’s certainly worth keeping an eye out for.

Visit RobotEra Presale

5. Calvaria (RIA) – Innovative Crypto Trading Card Game with P2E Mechanics

Calvaria is a crypto-gaming project developing its flagship project, dubbed ‘Duels of Eternity’. This blockchain-powered trading card game will allow players to buy cards (structured as NFTs) and build decks, which can be used to battle others. 

The exciting thing is that the winner of each PVP battle will be rewarded with RIA – Calvaria’s native token. The more battles won, the more RIA players will earn, allowing them to purchase better cards and power-ups from the in-game store.


Per the whitepaper, Calvaria will remove all barriers to entry by offering a free-to-play version of Duels of Eternity. Although users won’t be able to earn RIA, they’ll be able to learn more about the game’s lore and become familiar with the gameplay mechanics. 

Calvaria is in a successful presale phase, with over $2.5m raised in under two months. However, the presale will end after the current stage, with less than 18% of the token allocation remaining – meaning investors must act quickly to buy RIA tokens at a discounted price point.

 The hype around Calvaria has led to an exclusive deal with BKEX to host the RIA IEO for 24 hours. Following this, RIA will also be listed on Changelly Pro – with Calvaria’s team also seeking an LBank listing to boost awareness further.

Those looking to keep track of Calvaria’s progress can join the official Telegram channel

Visit Calvaria Presale

6. IMPT (IMPT) – Carbon Credit Ecosystem with Lofty Ambitions

IMPT is a blockchain-powered carbon credits ecosystem that aims to make these credits accessible to the masses. The ecosystem does this by structuring carbon credits as NFTs – making them easily tradable using IMPT tokens. 

However, IMPT also has a unique mechanic that allows users to earn carbon credits through normal shopping activities. This is achieved through IMPT’s partnerships with thousands of leading brands, including LEGO and GameStop.


By shopping with these brands, users will earn IMPT tokens – which they can exchange into carbon credits. These carbon credits can then be traded on IMPT’s marketplace, allowing holders to benefit from price fluctuations. 

Looking ahead, IMPT’s team has plans to launch a pioneering social media platform that tracks users’ environmental impact. This plan, along with IMPT’s unique use case, helped create tremendous buzz, which led to an incredible $20m being raised through the project’s presale.

 Following the presale’s conclusion, IMPT tokens were listed on major exchanges like LBank, Changelly Pro, and Uniswap. The token price surged over 340% in the hours after its first listing – highlighting the vast investor demand for IMPT. 

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7. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – New Crypto Casino with Exciting Promotions

Lucky Block was one of the best crypto winter tokens to buy in early 2022 – yet it has re-emerged as a viable option going into 2023. For those unaware, LBLOCK was a huge success earlier in the year, leading to major CEX listings and a market cap of just under $1bn. 

Lucky Block’s team has now launched the ‘Lucky Block Casino’ – a crypto-based casino supporting ten digital currencies. Users can play thousands of games from top providers, such as NetEnt and Pragmatic Play, along with betting on sports and eSports markets.

New Lucky Block users will receive 15% cashback on their losses for the first seven days, with a $10,000 LBLOCK giveaway set to take place on December 31st. Since the casino is one of the fastest-growing in the crypto-gaming space, investors are clamoring once more to buy LBLOCK tokens to gain exposure to the casino’s growth.

Visit Lucky Block

8. Tamadoge (TAMA) – Successful Meme Coin Project with Rebound Potential

Another of the best coins to invest in during the crypto winter is Tamadoge. Tamadoge is the meme-coin sensation that sold out its presale phase in record time, raising a staggering $19m when investor sentiment was at an all-time low.

 The development team is still hard at work on the upcoming ‘Tamaverse’, although investors can buy Tamadoge NFTs ahead of time. These NFTs act as the holder’s in-world character, containing strengths and weaknesses that inform the results of PVP battles.

TAMA is the native token of the Tamadoge ecosystem and has received wide acclaim since hitting the public market in mid-2022. Like most coins, TAMA has been affected by adverse macroeconomic factors – yet listings on OKX, Uniswap, and MEXC could provide the liquidity needed for a rebound.

Visit Tamadoge

9. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Popular Metaverse Project with New Staking Protocol

Battle Infinity is another top project to be aware of during the cryptocurrency bear market. This project exploded onto the scene in early 2022 due to its unique combination of metaverse elements and rewards opportunity.

Battle Infinity’s ecosystem contains several exciting features, including a crypto-powered fantasy league, a DeFi token-swapping mechanism, and a P2E game store. The ecosystem also recently launched an IBAT staking protocol, which sees users earn an annual yield of up to 25%.

Investors can buy IBAT through top CEXs, such as LBank and MEXC. Although the IBAT price has dipped in recent months, the launch of the staking service could provide the impetus needed for a price rebound.

Visit Battle Infinity

10. Chiliz (CHZ) – Fan Token Project with Huge Potential

Concluding our discussion of the best crypto winter tokens to buy is Chiliz. Chiliz is the ERC-20 token that powers Socios.com – a platform that allows investors to buy and sell fan tokens.

These fan tokens provide holders exclusive benefits for sports teams, such as access to meet and greets. Many top sports teams have partnered with Socios, such as Paris St Germain and Manchester City.

Given the recent popularity of the FIFA World Cup, more people than ever have become interested in fan tokens. This is excellent news for Chiliz, setting the stage for a successful 2023.

Best Crypto Winter Tokens to Buy – Conclusion

In summary, this article has taken an in-depth look at the best crypto to buy during the crypto winter by presenting ten exciting projects that offer a ray of light during these challenging times.

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 Leading the way in this regard is FightOut, a brand-new M2E project that looks to revolutionize the fitness sector. By financially incentivizing users to work out, FightOut aims to foster a stronger and healthier community that’s open to all – making this presale one of the hottest events in the crypto calendar.

isit FightOut Presale

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